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Bisexual Bareback
The scene starts off with Summer, a cougar who is hungry for as much young cock as you can throw at her, getting down on her knees to suck returning SX model Shawn Mason’s thick cock to get it rock hard. Sexy blonde newcomer Preston James arrives on set and the cock-loving bottom has Shawn’s dick down his throat within seconds. Summer then whips out Preston’s dick and starts servicing both boys’ cocks like she is starving for a load down her throat, until Shawn throws her down onto the bed and penetrates Summer’s sweet pussy with his tongue, making her moan. Shawn then uses two fingers to fuck Summer and get her pink hole ready for a day of intense pounding, while she gags away on Preston’s throbbing dick. Shawn then gives her wet hot one last taste and then plunges his thick cock into her tight wet insides, thrusting away hard, knowing she likes it rough. Shawn continues to slam her hole hard, pulling out to drop a load on Summer’s stomach, as Preston leans over to lick the residual juices off his cock.

Preston’s hole is now aching for some much-needed raw cock attention and he bends over the bed and begins to eat Summer’s pink taco as Shawn comes from behind and inches in his pussy-lubed cock in his asshole and fucks away. Shawn then throws Preston over on his back, dragging his ass to the end of the bed and begins drilling his hole harder, as Preston jerks his thick cock in his hands. Shawn then moves Summer back on the bed and begins fucking her aggressively doggie-style, making her moan out and squirt all over the bed, until he pulls out and shoots another fat load all over her ass.

Shawn’s dick continues to stay rock hard and he proceeds to lie back down on the bed to be serviced. Preston then climbs aboard the bed and takes Shawn’s cock deep into his cum-hungry ass and begins bouncing up and down on it, as Summer sits on Shawn’s face and lets him bring her pussy tongue-thrusting pleasure. Preston, still riding Shawn’s cock, begins jacking his dick until he sprays all his hot sperm onto Shawn’s tan stomach. It’s Summer’s turn once again to be filled with raw cock, as Shawn moves her onto the bed with her legs high in the air, fucking her hard, before pulling out and jumping onto the bed, spraying her face down with the biggest load yet.