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Bisexual Bareback
SX Video newbies Adam Orin and Saphire Stone drop by the studio and are making out on the bed, when Saphire announces she brought a surprise home with her, which happens to be SX Video’s prized hottie Joey. Adam is very pleased with this surprise and the two fully-erect boys begin making out, as Saphire takes turns swallowing their cocks. Both boys begin sucking on each other’s meat, until they are both hard as steel. Saphire so turned on by this, can’t resist touching herself, fingering her aroused pussy while she shoves Joey’s cock back down her throat. Saphire then jumps up on the bed and onto Joey’s face, as he pleases her wet hole with his eager tongue and fingers, while Adam goes to town on Joey’s meat. Saphire begins trembling and jerking her pussy into Joey’s face harder and harder until the pleasure gets so intense she cums while sitting on his face.

Adam then wants a turn at Sapphire’s wet and worked-in box and bends his bitch over on the bed and begins plowing her doggie-style, while she takes Joey’s dick into her hot mouth. Adam pulls out and lets Joey lick his dick clean of pussy juice, as he fingers Sapphire’s hole and jerks Joey off. Joey now revved-up, has a craving of his own, and bears down on Adam’s dick, taking it all the way up his ass, and begins riding it like a good bottom-boy, as Saphire sucks his perfect cock. Saphire then makes Adam beg for her wet pussy, and then takes a seat on his face and leans over to deep-throat Joey. Next Joey lays down on the bed and Saphire sits on his face, while Adam comes up from behind and thrusts into her, fucking her deep and hard, until he pulls out and sprays her back down with his jizz. Saphire continues to gag up and down on Joey’s dick until he announces he’s going to cum and sprays his man-juice all over her pretty face.