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Bareback Bound
The scene begins with Blake Daniels dragging Blue Bailey into the studio handcuffed with his friend Erik in tow and horny. The two sit Blue down and begin pumping the bottom's mouth full of their cocks and sucking each other's meat sticks. Blake grabs a long black baton and starts fucking Blue's hole with it, pleasing the hungry bottom. Now horned up and craving to be filled with the real thing, Blake gets his ass-slave on all fours and repeatedly stabs his insides with his thick pink cock and then begins thrusting away faster and faster. Erik then moves around to the back and takes a turn giving the obedient bottom his meat injection, raw and hard, as Blake fucks Blue's soft throat. Now that he's good and loosened up, Blue begs to be double fucked and the tops are happy to oblige, stuffing his tight hole full of both their cocks and pumping away.

The three then break apart once more and Blake takes the reins, mounting Blue's ass deep, making him moan, before the three switch again for Erik to go at it. Blake takes control again, this time with a goal in mind. He roughly mounts Blue's ass and pulls out, splattering his hole with his man-juice, and then fucking it deep inside with his dick and fingers. Erik's ready to do some damage of his own and gets Blue onto the floor, fucking him deep until he pulls out and drops a load right on his hole, pushing it in deep. Blue is then given permission to finish himself off and begins jerking his rod, until he sprays himself all over his stomach with his own cum.