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Raw Gangbang
In the first scene, Rick Romo, Steven Shields, and Joey enter the room to find Blake lying on a table with his legs wide open, and surround the bottom. Blake begins swallowing Joey and Steven's cock down his throat as Rick plays with his thick erect cock and fingers his tight asshole. Soon Joey gets Blake on all fours and has the pleasure of getting the first taste of the bottom's insides; mounting him like an animal and pumping his huge raw cock into his ass, as Blake moans away loudly.Steven pushes his way through and begins fucking his ass as hard as he can, opening up his hole for the all-day beating that's to come. Rick then throws Blake on his back and inserts his massive uncut Latin cock, which is agonizing to Blake at first. The three tops continue to circle Blake like a pack of wild dogs around a piece of meat; switching off shoving their raw cocks into the bottom's asshole, while the others begin fucking his face. After a thorough fuck session, Steven once again takes control and glides his thick meat stick into Blake and starts jack-rabbit fucking him hard and long, till he pulls out and sprays Blake like a geyser with his man juice, which he pumps into the bottom's ass deep.

Steven then moves aside and let's Joey take his turn, with the hot Latin eagerly inserting his huge mushroom-tip into Blake's cummy hole and fucking away. Joey then pulls out and erupts with cum, again feeding Blake's ass with his seed. Rick saves his giant raw cock for last, jamming his enormous cock into Blake and fucking him as hard as he can, until he drops another load onto the bottom's hole, which he scoops up every last drop and delivers deep inside of him.