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Bareback Me Hard
The scene opens up with Miguel Temon and RJ Cummings hovering over sexy bottom Frank Young, whose legs are spread open and waiting for raw cock. The three dirty boys don't waste any time with foreplay, as Miguel climbs onto the bed and jams his massive uncut meat-stick in Frank's hungry asshole and begins pounding away. RJ watches all the action from the comfort of Frank's mouth, where he gags the Latin bottom with his huge pink hardon, fucking away at his soft throat. Before they move on, the two tops throw Frank on the ground and begin showering him with their piss, just to show him who is boss. RJ then throws the piss-soaked pig back onto the bed and nails into the bottom, sparing him no pain as he thrusts into his ass rapidly. RJ then orders Frank to suck Miguel's cock, muffling the loud moaning of a pained bottom getting his ass tore apart. RJ turns the bottom over and continues to batter his asshole, then taking his cock out slowly to watch Frank's asshole contract slowly, before slamming his meat back in deep.

Miguel then moves in and takes the reins, inserting his even wider cock into the pig-bottom and starts fucking away, opening him up even more. Now that Frank is good and worked in, the two tops lay on the bed cock-to-cock as Frank is ordered to take a painful seat on both their dicks pressed together and bear all the way down. Frank is then turned around once again and is now brutally double-fucked till he screams out in pain. Frank then begins to ride Miguel's cock and bounces up and down with RJ's cock in his mouth, until the pleasure is too great for him and he spews his cum all over Miguel's stomach. As a punishment for getting off before them, Frank is then laid back on the bead and sprayed down once again with piss. The two tops then go back to work on Frank's willing hole, with RJ plunging in his thick meat, recklessly pounding away, ordering Frank to beg for his nut, spitting all over his face and then erupts his white milky jizz all over Frank's hole, pushing it deep inside him. Miguel then takes his turn and begins fucking Frank's cummy hole, first slowly until he gains momentum, blasting his hole with his Latin seed and fucking it deep inside him.