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Barebacking With Gabriel
The greatest part about SX Video Veteran Gabriel D’Alesandro is not only that he is one of the most sexiest guys in bareback porn and has a perfect 9’’ uncut massive dick, but it’s also that he is versatile and is the best at giving and taking cock like no other. Gabriel is such a fan-favorite; we decided to make an entire movie about him fucking and getting fucked with 100% raw dick.

In the first scene, Gabriel is joined by Zach O’Mally, Chad Brooks, and Kirby Thomas and opens up with all four hotties jerking their thick meat lined up on a couch, debating who is going to bottom for the group and take all three dicks up their ass. With Gabe deciding to take one for the team, he quickly gets on all fours and stuffs his mouth with Chad and Zach’s cocks as Kirby comes from behind to stuff Gabe’s tight hole full of white meat. Gabe continues to gag away and get face-fucked by cock from the two young studs while getting his ass pounded, until Chad decides it’s his turn, spinning Gabe around and jamming his fat cock in Gabe’s worked-in hole. Being the professional cock sucker he is, Gabe takes to Kirby’s dick and swallows it down to the balls as Chad is deep inside him with his nuts slapping against Gabe’s ass with every thrust. Zach, who is now feeling like his cock needs some attention, throws Gabe onto his back. Lubes up his perfect thick tool and slams in into Gabe’s cock-hole and begins plowing away.

Gabe is now a happy cock-slut with one in his ass, one stuffed in his mouth, and one in his hand, as Zach pulls out and makes way for Kirby once again, as he enters Gabe’s ass and fucks him deep and hard. The four then switch positions again and this time Zach bends Gabe over the couch and plunges his raw manhood into Gabe again and begins to fuck him faster and faster, until he pulls out and sprays Gabe’s puckering asshole with his white hot jizz and then fucks it deep in his ass. Kirby then comes from behind Gabe and begins jerking his lube-up cock and erupts cum all over his ass and then scoops up every last drop into his ass, before making him clean the ass-juice off his cock. Chad is next to step up to the plate and plunge his massive dick into Gabe’s cummy-hole, which he pulls out and shoots a man-sized load all over Gabe’s ass, before fucking it deep back in. Gabe is then thrown onto his back with his legs over his head and is cheered on and inspired to cum all over his mouth and face, swallowing his own cum.