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Men Bareback
Beefed-up hottie Matt Sizemore is a big fan of veteran porn star Sam Crocket, and jumped at the chance to return to the studio to get fucked by Sam's huge cock. The two start reminiscing about the glory days of bareback fucking until Matt is so horny he reaches over and swallows Sam's dick. Sam gets on all fours on the couch and then starts sucking Matt's massive dick, until Matt can't take the anticipation anymore, standing up and bending over with his ass wide open, begging Sam to fill him up. Sam is more than happy to oblige, slamming his raw lubed-up dick hard into his cock-craving bottom. With Matt still bent over, Sam orders him to back up onto his dick over and over again and then pulls his cock out and has Matt clean off his own ass juice as he chokes on his cock.

Matt then is thrown onto the couch and penetrated hard from behind, until Sam feels he needs to go for a ride, sitting down on the couch and commanding the obedient bottom to sit all the way down on his huge dick. Sam takes a quick break to pull out and taste his own dick out of Matt's asshole, before throwing the bottom on his back and sucking his dick deep down his soft throat. Matt then shoves his cock back into Matt and continues breeding his hungry hole, moving Matt to the floor and finger fucking his asshole and then shoving his fat cock back into him, pulling out to release a man-sized load all over his bottom boy's hole, which he fucks into his ass. Matt is then instructed to turn on his back and beat his meat, erupting a load of his own onto his hairy stomach and chest, which Sam feed into his mouth.