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Men Bareback
Although Luca Bondi has an over-sized and mouth-watering dick, there is nothing he loves more than having his tight hole being pounded by raw huge cock, and newcomer Heath Anthony was more than happy to give the bottom what he wants. The scene starts off with Luca dropping down to his knees and chocking down Heath's thick cock, deep-throating him hungrily as he jerks his own rod. Luca's massive cock catches Heath's eye and he then switches places with perfectly-sculpted bottom and starts sucking down all 9'' of meat. After Heath's mouth is satisfied, he moves Luca to the couch and goes to town on his ass with his tongue and fingers and then lubes up his huge pink cock, which Luca takes a seat and bears down all the way on, bouncing up and down and fucking into his ass.

Luca keeps moaning away, taking every inch of Heath's manhood, until he is moved into doggie position as Heath slams his rock hard cock back into his hole and fucks him even harder. Luca is then turned onto his back, spreading his legs like the submissive bottom he is and welcomes Heath's cock into him once again as he jerks his huge rod. Heath then manhandles Luca up off the couch and bends him over, shoving his eager cock back into Luca and thrusting as hard as he can until he pulls out and explodes a huge load onto his ass, fucking it back in nice and slow. It's then Luca's turn to let one go and he moves back on the couch and starts beating his cock rapidly, blowing a huge load onto his chiseled stomach and Heath's face.