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Transexual Bareback
Kinky porn stud Gabriel D'Alessando brings sexy shemale Ariel Everitts back to the SX Studios for some hot flip-flop fucking and dirty fun. The scene begins with Gabriel leading Ariel to a chair where she suggests getting the Latin fuck-boy's loins revved up with a hot lap-dance. Ariel spreads his legs wide apart and starts gyrating her perfect ass against Gabe's swollen uncut cock and then whips it out of his pants and into her hungry mouth, deep-throating it all the way down. Ariel then stands up and surprises Gabe with a big cock of her own, which she pulls out and strokes into Gabe's mouth. The two switch off fucking each other's faces until Ariel decides it's time for Gabe to stuff her other hole and proceeds to get on all fours on the couch while Gabe thrusts his huge, lubed-up dick in her ass raw and hard.

Moaning loudly with her perfectly huge tits bouncing with every thrust, Gabe continues to fuck Ariel's hole harder and harder, unit he pulls out to indulge Ariel's mouth to a taste of her own ass before throwing her onto her back and plunging his flesh-sword into her deep insides again. After working herself up riding Gabe's fat cock like a stallion, Ariel bends Gabe over on the couch and sticks her rock hard cock in Gabe's tight asshole and starts fucking away, stretching out his tight hole. Ariel then rolls Gabe onto his back and has him hold his legs high in the air as she continues pounding his ass until she is ready for Gabe's dick inside of her once again. Gabe starts stuffing his girthy brown cock in Ariel's hole with even more momentum than before, until he pulls out and explodes a huge load onto Ariel's ass, fucking his milky cum into her asshole. Gabe, who is now craving some hot jizz in his own ass, lies on his side as Ariel fucks him yet again and waits until she pulls out and spews a fat load onto his hole, pumping it up inside his hungry ass.