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Transexual Bareback
Horse-hung shemale Danni Daniels makes her debut at SX Video to make Gabriel D'Alessandro her bitch minion and teach his ass a lesson he'll soon never forget. The scene opens with Danni discovering Gabe playing with his cock without permission, which doesn't go over too well with her. As punishment she bonds his hands and begins pulling his hair and spitting in his face, to give him a taste of things to come. Danni then decides to feed her submissive bottom and whips out her giant thick cock and stuffs his mouth till she can feel the back of his soft throat with her plump dick head. After cramming her monster cock into one hole, Danni bends Gabe over the bed and thrusts her massive fuck-tool into his ass, and begins tearing up the next, making Gabe cry out in pain along the way.

After ordering Gabe to back up into her cock, Danni throws her new anal whore onto the floor and continues plowing away at his hole with her tremendous girth and then without pulling out, drops to the floor on her knees and pounds his hole ass-to-ass. Danni then pulls him by the hair off the floor and opens his mouth wide open to suck his ass juice off of her cock and then slaps a gag over his mouth to muffle the screams as she gives his asshole an even harder thrashing. She then pulls out of Gabe's tight ass and forces the cock slave onto the ground and then busts a load of creamy white cum all over his mouth and face. So turned on by the abuse, Gabe lies on his back and with Danni's permission, erupts his own load of man juice all over himself.