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The Bareback Boys
Gabriel D’Alessandro returns for another scene, this time to take advantage of newcomer Taylor Ford and his perfectly-ripe asshole. The two strip down, exposing their sculpted hard-bodies and Taylor gets down to his knees to demonstrate his cock-sucking abilities. Unable to get his tongue out of his asshole, Gabriel has Taylor sit on his face as the young bottom continues sucking his thick Latin meat. With a surge of inspiration, Taylor jumps onto Gabriel’s cock and bears down, taking his cock into his hole all the way. After taking a good beating, Taylor momentarily pulls out to taste his insides off of Gabriel’s dick before climbing aboard again for a raw-fuck.

Gabriel then rolls Taylor onto his back with his leg so far back it’s almost touching his face and begins plowing his ass again, while Taylor beats his own cock. Turning him onto his stomach, Gabriel spreads Taylor’s cheeks open wide, examining just how well he has opened him up, before mounting him and sliding his lubed-up cock in deep inside. Moving him to the edge of the bed, Gabriel lets his dick fallout from Taylor’s asshole repeatedly, watching it contract slowly before slamming it back in, then spurting forth a huge load of cum deep inside his pink fleshy hole. With Gabriel still fucking away inside of him, Taylor then sprays his hot sperm all over himself with Gabriel urging him on.