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The Bareback Boys
Pretty-boy porn veteran Luke Cross returns to SX Video to show Dillon Dane just how good bareback-fucking can be. The scene opens with the two making out passionately, already hard and ready to go. They waste no time in ripping off each other’s clothes with Dillon going down on Luke’s perfect cock while he fingers his antsy hole. Dillon then straddles Luke’s body, inserting his dick in his mouth and fucking his face before Luke throws him into a fetal position and begins eating his ass out with his tongue. After his perfect hole is nice and warmed up, Luke begins finger-fucking him before smashing his swollen flesh-sword in his hole, fucking him with long and hard thrusts.

Luke then drags Dillon to the edge of the bed for optimal penetration and uses his legs as handles as he delivers blow after blow to Dillon’s tight asshole. Luke then climbs onto the bed and treats Dillon’s mouth to his big dick so he can taste his own ass-juice off of it before bending him over and fucking him even harder at a steady and continuous pace. Luke then lies on his back and orders Dillon to take a ride on his cock, which he then fucks into his hole rapidly, causing Dillon’s eyes to roll back in his head and his cock to shoot jizz all over his dick and stomach. With Dillon begging to be filled up with cum, Luck starts fucking him again, this time pulling out and drenching his filthy bottom-boys’ ass with his man-juice before fucking it into his asshole.