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Bareback Club
In this scene Kirby Thomas returns to SX Video with a craving for Danny Lopez and his perfect bottom-ass. The scene starts off with Kirby offering up his thick dick to Danny's mouth, which he gags up and down on hungrily. Kirby then takes the control out of Danny's hands and starts grabbing his head and pushing down as hard as he can, face-fucking his soft throat at his own pace, until Danny insists Kirby bends him over the bed and begins to taste his ass with his wet tongue. Soon enough, Danny's ass is nice and lathered up with spit and Kirby comes up for air and begins teasing Danny's hole even more with head of his hard and eager cock, before he crams as much raw dick up Danny's ass as possible and starts thrusting away with Danny face down on the bed.

With an urge to sit on some fat meat, Danny then climbs on top of Kirby with his legs wide open and starts riding his cock as deep as it will go, while beating his own rock-hard dick in his hands. Thoroughly worked up, Kirby flips Danny onto his back and starts fucking him even harder and orders Danny to spray his load all over his cock so that he can fuck it into his submissive bottom-boy's hole. Kirby continues fucking every last drop of cum into Danny until he pulls out and tells Danny to spread his asshole wide while he explodes a massive load all over him and then fucks every last drop into his cum-filled ass. To truly satisfy his need for cum, Danny then grabs Kirby's dick and tastes everything that's been fucked into him off of Kirby's cock.