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Bareback Club
Porn legend Juan Steel and well-endowed newcomer Ty visit the SX Video studios to feed the cock-craving Gianni Luca's ass just what it needs. Without a word spoken, Gianni cuts to the chase and gets on his knees and starts servicing the two tops that will be soon filling his ass. Gianni keeps diligently working, stuffing his mouth with as much dick it can contain, while working another with his hands. The two tops begin undressing Gianni and Ty is the first one to bend him over, slapping his perfect huge pink dick around his ass before plunging it in his tight hole, while Gianni continues to gag away on Juan's long swollen man-sword. Juan finally feels it's his turn to have his way with Gianni, so he pulls out of the bottom's mouth and stuffs his girthy cock into his ass, making him scream loudly.

Juan continues stabbing away at his ass with his massive cock, holding one leg of Gianni's up in the air for maximum leverage. Once again Juan and Ty get Gianni back on his knees and start fucking his face, until Ty gets him to his feet and bends him over the desk, sliding his cock past the edges of his asshole and pumping away at his insides mercilessly. Juan then lies down on the desk, sucking Ty's dick while Gianni rides Juan's dick, bouncing up and down as hard as he can take it. Juan then throws Gianni on the desk and the two tops take turns punishing Gianni's abused ass with their giant dicks. Juan is the first to shoot, exploding his thick milk all over Gianni's hole and then fucking some of the cum into his ass but leaving some there for Ty to shove in with his dick. Ty then shoots an extra large load of his own, fucking it into Gianni's ass to mix with Juan's. Gianni sweating with exhaustion, then lies back on the desk and jerks his rod until he shoots his semen all over his stomach.