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Bareback Club
SX video star Miguel Temon stops by our studios and is paired up with big-cock-fanatic Gianni Luca, who at first sight of Miguel couldn't help but to drop to his knees, sliding Miguel's thick cock down his tight throat and letting him fuck his face. Gianni's continues to deep-throat the Latin stud's huge dick with his hands and eager soft mouth, building sexual tension until he can't hold off any longer and begs Miguel to stuff his hole full of meat. Gianni positions himself over the bed, giving Miguel easy access to explore his perfect tight hole, fucking him with his lubed up fingers. After Gianni's ass is warmed up a bit, Miguel comes from behind and searches for Gianni's asshole with the head of his plump cock, shoving it deep inside with one swift push and begins nailing into the hungry bottom. Making him cry out as waves of pleasure move through his body, Miguel begins repeatedly pulling his cock out of Gianni to watch his asshole contract then stabbing it back in while Gianni gratefully thanks him for filling his ass.

Gianni's eyes begin to roll back in his head as Miguel props up one of his legs and gets even deeper, hitting a undiscovered spot in the power bottom's upper recesses, before flipping him on his back with his legs high in the air and teaching him the real meaning of getting fucked hard and raw. Gianni hops off of Miguel's cock just long enough to taste his own ass juice off of his throbbing hardon before being pushed on all fours and mounted again from behind from the relentless top. Miguel continues fucking him like a rabbit until he pulls out and spews thick strands of jizz all over his pink hole, which he pushes inside of his ass and begins fucking it deeper and deeper, then delivering his dick back to Gianni's mouth to suck clean of the leftovers. Gianni then lies on his back with his mouth still stuffed with dick and beats his cock until spraying a huge load all over himself.