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Black Monster Cock 2
The sexy and toned Champ Robinson makes his debut at SX studios with newcomer Kayden Pierce to grace us with his presence and thick meat once again. The two start undressing immediately, and Kayden undoes Champ's belt and tears off his boxers to reveal his giant black cock. Kayden instinctively drops to his knees to service Champ, shoving his huge dick as far as it can slide down his throat. Kayden lets off a breathe of pleasure as he strokes Champ's cock into his mouth before being thrown onto the bed by Champ, who starts devouring his ass, drenching it with his spit and lapping it back up with his tongue. After Champ begins to get his fill, Kayden returns eagerly to champ's pulsating cock, getting it as hard as he can in his mouth, knowing every inch will soon be deep inside him. Positioning him on all fours on the bed, Champ turns his attention back to Kayden's ass, thrusting his tongue in and out of his hole before slamming his huge fuck tool deep inside Kayden's tight ass with one hard push, as Kayden moans and begs for more.

After warming up his ass for a good pounding, Champ lies on his back and lets Kayden show him just how much black cock his ass can handle, sitting all the way down until every 10'' of manhood is deep inside him. Wanting to leave no fucking positions left out, Champ throws Kayden on his back with his legs high in the air and plunges his cock deep back into his tight hole, while the two take turns swapping spit into each other's mouth. Dragging Kayden to the edge of the bed with his legs even higher, Champ continues to pound away at his pink hole until he pulls out and explodes his extra large load all over Kayden's pulsating ass, before scooping up every last drop with his monster cock and delivering it all up inside Kayden's pleased hole. After licking up what is left of his cum all over Kayden's ass, Champ then returns his cock back into Kayden's ass and starts fucking away again until Kayden blows his load all over his own chest and stomach.