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Black Monster Cock 2
Film veteran Andre Barclay returns to SX Video with Chase Coxx to show everyone just how much black monster cock he can fit in his hole. Chase immediately pulls out his rock-hard cock and sticks his huge, black man-meat inside Andre's warm mouth. Andre continues sucking his girthy package until Chase moves him to the edge of the bed for a hard face-fucking. You can see the strain in Andre's eye as he tries to fit Chase's extra large package all the way down his throat without success. After Andre has sucked Chase's dick in just about every way possible, Chase moves to the edge of the bed and spreads his ass cheeks, making way for his tongue to feast on Andre's puckering hole, preparing it for a savage barebacking fuck session. Chase gets above Andre and spreads his legs apart even further and plunges in his giant cock and begins pounding away with his black balls slapping ass with every thrust.

Chase's perfect, sculpted body keeps pounding away at Andre's ass until he decides it's time for Andre to taste some of his own insides off his black cock, which he shoves back in Andre's mouth. Andre then rolls onto his back and his legs swing up in the air, as he gets ready for another brutal pounding. Chase then bends him over the bed in doggie position for one last good fucking before blowing a huge, white load directly on Andre's hole, which he then fucks deep up inside of him. With Andre still moaning from the beating his ass just took on, Chase pulls his massive cock out of the hole he just plowed, exposing a river of thick cum dripping out.