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Black Monster Cock 2
Sex-supercharged Gabriel D’Alessandro returns to the SX studios once again, this time with a craving for Hot Rod’s big black cock. Gabriel walks up to Hot Rod on the bed, feeling the strong urge to swallow some dick and starts deep-throating him hungrily. The two quickly take their clothes off and Gabriel is at it once again, gagging all the way down of Hot Rod’s monstrous black cock. Hot Rod eyes Gabriel’s ass from the bed and begins to finger the tight hole he will be fucking in no time. The two move to a 69 position, with Hot Rod switching off from sucking Gabriel’s perfect cock to eating his ass, getting it nice and wet with his spit. After Gabriel’s ass is nice and lubed up, Hot Rod jams his dick in hard, filling his hole with raw, monster black cock. Hot Rod lets go and really starts to tear Gabriel’s ass up before un-mounting to make Gabriel suck all his ass juice clean off his dick before hammering away again. Gabriel’s ass is stretching to its maximum capacity as Hot Rod grabs Gabriel’s hips for leverage and begins to pound even harder.

The two switch to doggie position with Gabriel moaning away and jerking his cock for relief. The intensity is so great that Gabriel, without even touching himself, spews cum all over his own dick and chest before taking a seat on Hot Rod’s massive, thick cock. Hot Rod then bends him over the bed and reinserts his colossal manhood into Gabriel’s hole and starts fucking away again. Once again, the pleasure is too much for Gabriel, who pulls Hot Rod’s dick out of his ass and makes him watch as he shoots a second load all over himself. Hot Rod then throws Gabriel into a scissor position and starts fucking away a bit longer before exploding with cum, which he then pumps Gabriel’s rectum full of, before forcing him to lick the rest clean.