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Brutal Tops
Latin hotties Miguel Temon and Gabriel D'Alessandro return with their equally enormous cocks to deliver a man-sized serving of bareback skin-on-skin action. Gabriel wastes no time, ripping Miguel's shirt off in two pieces and pulling down his shorts to reveal a rock hard cock he forces into Miguel's satisfied mouth. Normally not on the receiving end, Miguel is shocked when Gabriel then rips off his shorts and is testing how tight his asshole is, barely able to manage one finger. After Gabriel can successfully get a finger in, he feels it's time for Miguel to move on to his huge cock, which Miguel then sits down on and rides like a champ. After loosening him up a bit, Gabriel really starts bringing the dick, pumping hard and deep into Miguel's tighter-than-tight ass. Wanting to get his fill, Gabriel then orders Miguel on all fours and drives his dick even deeper in this time, setting and holding an impressive pace of slow and hard thrusts before he finally shoots his load all over Miguel's balls and ass.

Just when you think this scene is over, Miguel, craving to shoot his own load demands the favor is returned and pins Gabriel on the bed in one swift move. He then penetrates Gabriel's hole and begins to pound away aggressively. Still hard himself, Gabriel is then ordered to ride Miguel's huge cock, jerking his rod at the same time. Miguel wrestles him onto his back and inserts his cock in again; rapidly fucking away until Gabriel, in an attempt to make the brutal ass penetration stop, shoots another huge load all over his stomach. Miguel in no mood to make a bargain, continues to fuck Gabriel as hard as he can until finally shooting his man juice all over Gabriel, leaving him soaked all over in cum.